PT. Indoferro is the latest large scale project for the Growth Steel Group and produces nickel pig iron from Indonesian ferro nickel ore deposits.

Indoferro supplies nickel pig iron products to stainless steel mills, nickel and stainless steel casting foundries and steel mill roll producers with our target markets being the Middle East, South East Asia, India, Australia, Africa, South America and Europe.

PT. Indoferro is still expanding and besides now producing 2.0% - 4.0% nickel pig iron, is working on installation of additional equipment to further refine the end product to produce nickel pig iron with low carbon, low phosphorous and low sulfur levels.

The second stage of the project will start in 2013 to double the capacity of nickel pig iron production.

The nickel pig iron that PT. Indoferro produces is the only known nickel pig iron source out side of the P.R.of China.

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