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Nickel Pig Iron Smelter Up & Running

Posted Thursday, March 14th 2013

After hot idling the hot air blast furnace for three months Indoferro is now back in production mode and producing nickel pig iron in grades up to 4.5% Nickel.

Inclement weather during December and January delayed the commissioning of the coking plant due to the difficulty of bringing the ovens up to operating temperatures.

Now back up and running the hot air blast furnace is been ramped up with the intention of producing the higher grades of nickel pig iron with the first production batches going to Walsin Lihwa of Taiwan.

More Nickel Pig Iron to Europe

Posted Monday, March 25th 2013

PT. Indoferro is awaiting confirmation of their second order of nickel pig iron to be shipped to Europe to be used in two different factories belonging to the same company.

The country and customer are yet to be disclosed but this is a big breakthrough given the economic climate in that region.

PT. Indoferro are confident that there will be a flow on effect and that orders to other customers will follow shortly after, as has been experienced in other countries.

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